The Electricity In Me

00:10:25 Film 2022


It is so strange he looks like me. I had so thoroughly renounced all claim to him that I didn’t expect to be there at all.

Years after giving up her newborn son for adoption, a woman confronts her trauma and memories of the man she calls ‘my monster’.

A visceral portrait of Joan Stockdale, my Canadian birth mother, played by BAFTA Breakthrough Ellora Torchia (IN THE EARTH, ALI & AVA).

Shot on location in Punnichy, Saskatchewan (Canada) and Mile End, London (UK).

“Their stories would not seem out of place in an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale: pregnant women shuttered away, violently restrained during childbirth, banned from looking at their babies — and, finally, coerced by social workers into signing adoption papers.” The Washington Post