How do you trust your feelings when they can just… How do you trust your feelings when they can just…

AESTHETIK //mat sheldon [] is a writer / producer / director.

What matters? Cinematic drama. Smart genres. Veracity. Blood. Identity. Love. Memory and the vision of the future state. My birth mother, Joan, who gave everything.

Currently //THE ELECTRICITY IN ME (short) festival selections – HollyShorts*, New Hampshire*, Leeds* & **, Norwich**, North East FF***; Cinefest (Sudbury)****, New York Shorts****, Burbank, Cornwall, DUMBO, Ealing, Earl’s Court, London Film Week, London Super Shorts, Lonely Seal, Oxford, Shorts Not Pants, World Of Film [Accreditations *Academy/Oscar qualifying / **BAFTA & BIFA qualifying / ***BIFA qualifying / ****Canada Screen Award qualifying]

In progress //THE ELECTRICITY IN ME (feature) Sick with cancer, a woman believes she’ll be healed if she reconciles with the son she gave up for adoption //THE COLOR OF OUR MEMORY, (short) a science fiction drama connecting identity and memory to the future //DEADWEIGHT (short) examining the crushing reality of family in a darkly comedic story