The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up… The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up…

mat sheldon is a writer and director.

what matters? cinematic drama. smart genres. veracity. blood. identity. love. memory and the vision of the future state. my birth mother, joan, who gave everything.

2024 DEADWEIGHT is a psychological drama about the impossibility of escaping your past. [post production]

2023 THE ELECTRICITY IN ME official selections – HollyShorts (Premiere) (Los Angeles, US)*, New Hampshire Film Festival*, Leeds International Film Festival*+**, Norwich Film Festival**, North East Film Festival***; Cinefest (Sudbury, Canada)****, New York Shorts (NYC, US) ****, Burbank (Los Angeles, US), Cornwall, Crystal Palace, DUMBO (NYC), Ealing, Earl’s Court, London Film Week, London Super Shorts, Lonely Seal, Northampton, Oxford, Shorts Not Pants (Toronto, Canada), World Of Film (Glasgow, UK) //Awards Best Film – London Film Week, Best UK Film – London Super Shorts, Best Actor – Cornwall Film Festival //Accreditations *Academy/Oscar qualifying / **BAFTA & BIFA qualifying / ***BIFA qualifying / ****Canada Screen Award qualifying //Online Director’s Library, Director’s Notes

WIP THE ELECTRICITY IN ME (feature) a woman believes she’ll be healed from terminal cancer if she reconciles with the son she gave up for adoption //THE COLOR OF OUR MEMORY, a near future drama about isolation, memory and identity

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