I have resolved to bleach my old life out of me since I saw stephens perfect fingers and hands with bones so fine like an x ray wrapped up in a garish knitted shawl by a grandmother who isn’t his flesh and blood but I cant look away from the insistent faint blue of his eyes even when he’s slipped away from the edges of my consciousness that repeats and repeats before they took him away cooing and fussing I was only fixed on his flickering eyelids cocooned with him in this blurry mess but he wasn’t looking at me anymore because they were talking too loudly and all I wanted is to melt into him.

Set in a 1970s typing pool, a secretary relives the primal experience of giving up her newborn son for adoption.

[In post production.]

Written and directed by Mat Sheldon.

With Ellora Torchia Nominated in 2021 for —


*BIFA Breakthrough Performance

*Screen International Star of Tomorrow 2021